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We are the Pacific Northwest’s Stage and Studio supply solution. Whether it’s Film, Photo or Theater, we’ll have the gear you need at a great rate and we will bring it to you. This innovative approach will save you time as well as money. Our commitment is to your success.

We carry all the major brands you’ve come to rely on from the latest LED lighting fixtures to specialty Scenic Paints. Newly added! The convenience of online shopping. Go the Sale tabs to begin saving now.

Our specialized rental stock features those hard to find items such as the newest Skypanel fixtures and accessories, high speed M40 HMI from Arri, Arri’s new LED KITS the L5/Locaster and a double Locaster Kit, the BlackBird tall crank stand, even a handheld DMX controller. Also available is Dodge’s latest Multi-use Van, the ProMaster 3500. See our Rental page for details.

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There you will find the most current developments from our vendors about the many products we carry. From Art Department to Xenon lamps, we’re here to help.

For example, we are the region’s leading Arri Lighting dealer. With over 30 years of experience both in the local market as well as national sales and rentals our staff is available to help, with superior product knowledge, vendor relationships and a commitment to service. For more information see our About Page.





Lighting fixtures are undergoing a rapid change in technology. Whether it’s meeting the challenges of digital high speed photography or integrating the new LED light sources our manufacturers are equal to the task.

ARRI Lighting has introduced Electronic High Speed Ballasts. Capable of functioning at 1000 Hz, these square wave Ballasts are capable of seamlessly capturing images at over 1000fps. When it comes to LED Lighting check out their line of L-Series LED Fresnels. These units incorporate a true Fresnel’s focusing characteristics and are available in either RGBW or CCT tunable units.


Grip equipment continues to evolve to meet the ever changing needs of Production. Check out American Grip Equipment’s BlackBird stand. This crank up stand goes from 6’ to 17’ 10”, 6’ higher than existing crank stands.

Matthews Studio Equipment continues to innovate as well. Their new Slider is available in either 29”.35” or 45” models. This Slider allows you to undersling the camera as well as the tradition on top mount.

In soft goods, The Rag Place has introduced Knockout fabric. This is opaque Green or Blue Screen cloth eliminates any backlight that can affect your lighting. Particularly useful for outdoors.

Stage and Studio Supply

Stage and Studio Supply


Stage and Studio Supply

Stage and Studio Supply


The list of Expendables available is endless. Lee Filters, Rosco and GAM products, with their full line of Gels and Gobos. We have Scenic paint, from Rosco Super Saturated Colors to Hy-Lux water based enamel from Ellis. Tapes of all types from Protape as well as Joe’s Sticky Stuff and butyls from Set Stuff. C-47s to Slates. Stage hardware. The list goes on and on. Just ask, we’ll have it.

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We are new and nimble. Working from our offices and warehouse space we will deliver the products to you. Which saves you time and money. Production package and system design services are also available.

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