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Exciting new- Arri’s S-120-C & Quasar LED now available

PDXpendables now has Arri's newest Skypanel, the mighty S-120-C and Quasar LED.

The S120 is twice as long as the S60, but weighs nearly the same. Its larger light aperture makes a great soft light even better.

With the Q-LED, the options are endless.  From lighting actors to lighting environments, the versatility is only limited by your imagination.


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LED Kits now in rental

LED kit IIn time for the busy Fall rental season we are happy to offer one Of Arri's newest Lighting Kits.

The L5/ LoCaster LED Kit I. This innovative kit comes with one L5-C Fresnel as well as two LoCaster Soft Heads.

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Scenic Paint, color your world

Movie PaintScenic paint has become a leading product in our expendables sales.

As you may have seen in our About page the owners started out as Scenic Artists and Set builders, so it comes as no surprise that this line has a special place in our hearts.

One line in particular stands out. Rosco's Supersaturated Acrylic scenic paint is a stand out performer. Any latex from the local paint store will do an OK job for most backgrounds, but when you need superior adhesion to varied surfaces or the economy of thinning the paint without losing vibrancy then Rosco Supersaturated is your answer.  This unique line of paint is designed to be thinned significantly thanks to it's special binder. It thins  and cleans up with water.

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Cinegear 2015 report- the newest and most exciting gear

Cinegear 2015Cinegear 2015 was held this past weekend at the Paramount lot- as it has been for the past several years. This year we entered through the Van Ness gate- which was a schlep, make note for next year. The usual vendors were there, missing were the many drones buzzing overhead as were common in the last few years.

Don't think that because I described the Vendors as "the usual" there weren't wonderful new things to see. Pictured to the left is the Dana Dolly curved track from American Grip.

The track has a 10' radius and is expected to sell for around 250.00 per 8' section, this includes the two curved pieces- but not the brackets.

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New DMX control, LED Fresnels, even Blacklights

Here's a rundown of gear we've recently added to our rental inventory and highlights of some of Light new to the market we've recently sold.

L7-C_light-engine_01For rentals we have added the DMX Pocket Console. This small. light console is easy to use and can handle a universe of DMX. It can handle up to 512 different addresses, accessed by eight sliders each with a bump button.

We are pleased and proud to be amongst the first Arri dealers to sell the L10C LED Fresnel. The L10C is the latest. It is comparable to a traditional Studio 2k Fresnel in output and beam spread. Like the rest of the L Series lights this fixture is a like for like  replacement to the existing Tungsten heads.

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Now featuring Kino Flo Lighting

Celeb 200 one of Kino Flo's newest fixtures

We are very excited to add Kino Flo Lighting to the list of manufacturers we offer. For more than 25 years Kino Flo has been an essential component to any lighting package.

Kino Flo continues to lead the field in fluorescent lighting with improvements to their ballast and head designs. Featuring such improvements as universal voltage inputs, HO/Standard switching even DMX control! Their Tegra line features the ballast built into the head (DMX controllable) and easy to maintain hinges on the barn doors- as opposed to the traditional conduit and wire design.

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