This season we are excited to offer the work of Katherine T. Jacobs. Raised in  rural California Katharine  T.  Jacobs  was  always  surrounded  by  small town characters and fascinated by the roles    they played. Photography has  become her method of storytelling and her characters are the subjects of  her  portraits. Nearly a decade    ago    she    came    to    Portland,    Oregon    to    study    photography at Oregon College of  Art and Craft.  The  curriculum    at    OCAC    nourished her passion for analog photography  and refined the necessary skills to create dynamic    portraiture and fine art.  Katharine has traveled to each of  the fifty states making portraits of  strangers with a large format camera and 4×5  film. Her  images are thought  provoking and reach a broad audience on both    a  voyeuristic and  cognizant level. Her  travels and photographic projects have led her  to not  only  photograph  but   also  make  deep connections  with