Skypanel S60 C




Arri’s most popular LED fixtures are now available for rental in the local market. These Lights have been described as more like “computers that emit light” rather than  any other Light you have ever worked with. With that in mind here is a brief explanation on operating these heads. We will look at the features common to both heads and then look at each Light specifically.

Arri on-board_control

L series control panel

The L series Fresnels and the Skypanels both have an on board control panel which allows you to dim and adjust the colors. The digital display shows either the dimmer level or color characteristics depending on the function you are using. The three knobs do most of the work. The Blue knob on the left is the dimmer. The center knob controls either the color temperature

[CCT] or hue- if you are in HSI mode. The right hand knob is for green/magenta correction in CCT mode or color saturation on HSI mode. Knowing this will get you started. To fully take advantage of the Heads we need to look at each Light specifically

L Series Fresnels Pictured on the right is the control panel for the L Series. We have already gone over the function of the knobs. Lets look at the various buttons. In the upper left is the FUNCTION button which either changes the between CCT and HSI mode or jumps up one menu level. This is the button you will be using the most. The ENTER button can do three things- either move down one menu level, or confirm a setting , and  lastly, “flash” between memory settings. On the right side of the display screen are two buttons with ++ or -+ , these are used to go  between settings in what ever menu level you are in. Or, if you keep the button depressed, it steps values up or down depending on which you are holding. You would use that to fine tune a color temperature or dimming level. The two buttons between the  knobs, marked 1 and 2, are memory buttons- for recording a look you want to keep.
MENU LEVELS- This is where we get into more computer like capabilities of the Heads. There are 4 menu levels. The first is the operating level which shows the light levels and color details- this is the menu level head starts in. But if you hit the ENTER button then then menu point STATUS displays which takes you to the second level which has information for faultless operation and temperature. Hit ENTER again and the third level and you can change the fan speed, turn the indicator lights off, retrieve operating hours, DMX and Software version. Level 4 lets you change the DMX settings. See the Operating Manual for details. Again use the FUNCT or ENTER buttons to navigate between these levels.
DMX- The L7 offers 15 DMX profiles that can be pre-configured.  The 8-bit modes should be used with most basic DMX control consoles (dimming consoles). The most common modes for operation are mode 01 and mode 02.  ARRI recommends the use of the 16-bit mode in combination with a DMX control console, which supports functions up to 16-bit resolution in order to obtain premium results. The increased resolution over the 8-bit mode provides even smoother dimming and continuous color adjustment. Additionally there is a “Coarse/fine“ mode which allows you to perform a coarse and fine adjustment with two individual DMX channels. The Coarse / Fine modes utilize two DMX channels for most parameters and provide increased resolution over the 8-bit modes for users without 16-bit compatible control consoles. In case of a failure of the DMX signal the last valid DMX value will be retained. The setting can be changed at any time with the rotary knobs at the on-board control. Below is a more detailed description of the DMX channels.

Skypanel control pad

Skypanel Control Panel

S60-C SkypanelsThere are a few important differences between a Skypanel and the Fresnels, besides the differences between a Softlights and a Fresnel. The Skypanel has an external electronic power supply that needs to be plugged into the head and turned on. The three knobs work pretty much as described above but the Intensity [dimmer] knob on the left not only dims but when you press it is used to move between the Menu settings, sub settings and confirms your selection. This does the work of the Function button on the L series and is important for quickly calling up the Presets. Presets are an important feature of the Skypanel head.  Presets allow you to save a color or other effects. There are 12, two are factory set for 3200k and 5600k, ten more are available for your customization. There are two menus: Load Preset and Save preset. To save, press and hold the preset button.  Select the slot.  Press the encoder [I/S Knob]. To load, press preset button once. Select the slot.  Press the encoder. Pressing the Preset button to the right of the Display brings up the list of all available Presets. The Mode button above the Preset button lets you switch from CCT to HSI mode, like the Function button on the L series. To the left of the Display, the Menu button opens the Fixture menu- pressing this button will also abort an action. Once you have opened the menu use the I/S knob to move through the options. These would be things like fan speed, DMX addresses and other protocols. The Back button closes a sub menu or aborts an action.
DMX- Using the DMX is pretty much as described above on the L series. 8 bit mode will do for most controllers but 16 bit is preferred if you have a board that will accommodate it. for more details see the attached;SkyPanel_DMX_Implementation_Table_V4.0

These fixtures are available from PDXpendables, Cine Rent West , Coach Sarge Cine or Powerslave Lighting[Ian Jennings].