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Stage and Studio Grip

Grip equipment continues to evolve to meet the ever changing needs of Production. Check out American Grip Equipment’s BlackBird stand.

This crank up stand goes from 6’ to 17’ 10”, 6’ higher than existing crank stands.

Stage and Studio GripMatthews Studio Equipment continues to innovate as well. Their new Slider is available in either 29″.35″ or 45″ models. This Slider allows you to undersling the camera as well as the tradition on top mount.

Stage and Studio Grip

In soft goods, The Rag Place has introduced Knockout fabric.

This is opaque Green or Blue Screen cloth eliminates any backlight that can affect your lighting. Particularly useful for outdoors.

Stage and Studio Grip

We also carry classic original products such as Cardellini Clamps by Film Crew Services.

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We are new and nimble. Working from our offices and warehouse space we will deliver the products to you. Which saves you time and money. Production package and system design services are also available.

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